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Helping Birds in Helping Hands

Shelley was multitasking during our phone call but then, she had a life to save. A pelican life. But if you didn't already know, Birds in Helping Hands doesn't just save birds. I've jumped into traffic to scoop up a critter more times than I can count then I would take them to the Emergency vet on 22nd Ave N.

"No," Shelley informed me, "they won't take them anymore. Just call us. We are connected to all the rehabbers for ten counties."

I've had 727-365-4592 programmed in my phone for years as do my neighbors. No matter what time of day or night, someone is on call. And Birds in Helping hands offers a wealth of advice on how to care for the wildlife until help arrives:

When 2022 rolled around, I asked Thrill St Pete "Who's next?" What local charity should we support this year? There are so many deserving charities that we are passionate about, it's not as easy a decision as you might think. But then, we are all familiar with Birds in Helping Hands and their tireless efforts. And that same day following that conversation, I pulled into a parking lot next to a Birds in Helping Hands vehicle and met Aiden, one of their volunteers. I believe in signs. And so Thrill St. Pete unanimously agreed that Birds in Helping Hands was more than deserving of whatever support our zombies could give this year.

So whether you are hiring us for an event or dancing with us at an event, you are doing good things for your community! This and every year, for as long as Thrill St Pete is Undead.

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