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Taking a break

The day after Halloween on Central, you could find Leanna and I at a local Hydration Therapy spot getting several bags of IV fluids. Then we would spend the rest of the day playing hookey from work, popping Aleve like skittles, and recuperating in bed. It was kind of funny the first few years    - almost a point of pride - but less so as arthritis, sciatica, and spine surgeries took their toll. We just weren't 'bouncing back' like we used to. I was back to leaning on a cane those two weeks leading up to Halloween with nonstop rehearsals and events.  Leanna is in and out of state caring for her parents. We are grateful to Sherry, Deneshia, Laurie and Pam who all stepped up to assist with events and rehearsals but - and it's exceptionally hard to do this after 13 years of participating with Thrill St Pete - Leanna and I are taking 2023 off. 

That said, anyone who wants to grab the baton and run with rehearsals and dances, you have our blessing! THe choreography is used by countless groups world-wide. As far as any 'variations' or additional choreography that we taught over the years, if you choose to use it, I only ask that you give credit to Thrill St Pete and use it for any purpose other than individual financial gain. If interested, reach out to Thrill St Pete on Facebook. I'm pretty sure Sherry is still on the other end checking those messages. 

If Thrill St Pete zombies DO take a break without Leanna or myself at the helm, there are probably still other local groups dancing "Thriller". If I hear about them, I'll update this post with that info. A good friend of mine also started with new group called Wicked Women Dance Troupe. These witches perform to raise money for local charities "Play on the Bay" and the Mattie Williams Neighborhood Family Center in Safety Harbor. You can find them on Facebook, Instagram, and Tiktok. They can also be reached at

Like Thrill St Pete, money raised goes directly to the charities. All of it. That is a principle that was always important to Thrill St. Pete.

With love and guts,

Kate/Lola and Leanna

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